Museum of Modern Art   (New York, NY)
Smithsonian Museum of American Art   (Washington, DC)
Hwo Tong Ching Collection   (Taipei, Taiwan)
Michael Weill Collection   (Paris, France)
Swedish National Collection   (Oland, Sweden)
Notre Dame de Grace   (Normandy, France)
The Resnick Collection   (Beverly Hills, CA)
Irrgang Collection   (Essen, Germany)
Hsu Sho Lan   (Hong Kong, PRC; Taipei, Taiwan)
Tuttleman Collection   (Philadelphia, PA)
National Museum and Gallery of Tokyo   (Tokyo, Japan)
Société d’Encouragement   (Paris, France)
Guarantee First Company   (Watham, MA)
Whitehall Collection   (London, UK)
George Berman   (Pottstown, PA)
Eiler Bille   (Vejby, Denmark)
Peter Bramsen   (Paris, France)
Frank F. Williams Collection   (New York, NY)
Hubert de Rademaker   (Ghent, Belgium)
Hans Loth   (Mulheim-Mintard, Germany)
Richard Warinski Memorial   (Oslo, Norway)
Henk Trumpie   (Amsterdam, Holland)
Mme Lily Rogozinske   (Paris, France)
Ruby Cahn Collection   (Paris, France)
Margo Plasse Collection   (London, UK)
Carl K. Provost Collection   (Houston, TX)
Collection Andrea Baum   (New York, NY)
Collection Lois Horowitz   (Philadelphia, PA)
Collection Jeffrey Smith   (Dallas, TX)
Collection Donald Howard   (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
Louis B. Paolino   (Philadelphia, PA)
Philadelphia Stock Exchange   (Philadelphia, PA)
Philippe Herman   (New York, NY)
Darbert Corporation Collection   (Boston, MA)
Benzaria Collection   (Neuilly sur Seine, France)
Barton Church   (Narberth, PA)
Andrew Titchel   (Hanover, Germany)
Schader Colllection   (Palm Beach, FL)
Jay Arnold   (Philadelphia, PA)
Marie Espieux   (Paris, France)
Pascale Vargineau   (Paris, France)
René Tazé   (Paris, France)
Philippe de Champfleury   (Paris, France)
Michael Bechmann   (Cologne, Germany)
George Arnold   (Philadelphia, PA)
Ann Schaeffer Winn   (Malibu Beach, CA)
David Ehrlich   (New York, NY)
Ave Maria Foundation   (Ann Arbor, MI)
Archdiocese of Philadelphia   (Philadelphia,  PA)
Archdiocese of Los Angeles   (Los Angeles, CA)
City of Firenze   (office of the Mayor, Palazzo Vecchio) (Florence, Italy)
Cathedrale of Como   (Como, Italy)